Bring That Extra ‘Wow’ Factor to Your Seminars in Charlotte!

Have an inspirational speaker amaze and energize your team.

Board meetings don’t have to be boring. You can inspire and entertain employees at the same time by enlisting the services of Hannibal! Hannibal has worked as a magician for more than 20 years, and successfully switched gears to bring custom programming to corporate clients that invokes awe and inspires employees. He’s worked his inspirational magic for corporate giants like Philip Morris, Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Company, among others. He’s also been recognized by the International Brotherhood of Magicians with a People’s Choice Award for Close-Up Magic, and worked as a street magic performer for decades prior to creating his custom corporate program.

Don’t schedule yet another dull training seminar – try bringing Hannibal in to energize and inspire your team! Call to request Hannibal's presence at your next gathering.

Bring the Magic to the Boardroom!

Hire Hannibal to entertain at all of your Charlotte corporate events

Your events will be instantly elevated when you hire Hannibal. Hannibal formerly worked in accounting, sales and marketing, and has blended these skills with his extraordinary street magic to create a one-of-a-kind corporate programming experience. Have him entertain your clients during a business lunch, or bring him in for your next big meeting to use what he calls “unique inspirational theater” to boost employee morale.

To begin, simply make an appointment to discuss with Hannibal the topic at hand. He’ll create an entertaining piece covering the speaking subject, waking people up with his energetic approach and sprinkling magic into the mix. Your employees and clients are much more likely to retain the information you’re trying to get across if it’s presented in an entertaining way, so let Hannibal help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your business’ needs with Hannibal today!