Pomp And Circumstance

I was in touch with great souls who exalted flesh and spirit over dollars and cents, and to whom the thin wail of the starved slum child meant more than all the pomp and circumstance of commercial expansion and world empire. ~ Jack London

We live in an increasingly smaller world. It seems everyone is seeking recognition for everything they do; success is measured in followers on Twitter and Instagram, friends on Facebook … at the cost of fewer and fewer real, tangible humans to interact with. We strive for the instant celebrity of a viral video, a shared meme … anything to make us feel like we are being noticed out there.

Instead, how about we try an exercise this week? Do things without the expectation of being noticed, and more: Don’t get upset when you aren’t noticed. Do what you do for the sake of doing it. Do a good job because you are able to do a good job. If someone takes credit for your work, allow them to have it! Seek satisfaction in your own heart without worrying about what others think. Try it – just for a week.

A little more, and this is to strive for as you walk your road. When you fail, when you encounter strife or pressure, confide in one or two close, real life friends instead of broadcasting it to the world for sympathy. Breathe. Pray. Realize that it’s not forever. If it’s tragedy, mourn and cry and seek the solace of love, and then get over it and keep moving forward. That may sound harsh, but there is life to be lived and joys to celebrate.

Speaking of celebration: when you succeed, dance and shout and be grateful … and then get over it. Breathe. Pray. Realize that it’s not forever and the road holds new experiences for you. Keep moving forward. Cherish your failures and your successes, because they are yours to own. Don’t allow them to become a burden.

Yours is a unique gift. 21 questions Share the fruits of your gift anonymously when you can. Lift someone above you, so they can see the view.

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  1. Deena says:

    I was seroiusly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

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